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How to Lower the Risk of Hiring New (Sales) People

Posted by Samantha Mikos on September 13, 2017

When I interviewed for my role at The Junto Institute, the process was lengthy and unique to me. I had face-to-face interviews by video and in-person, assignments to complete, and questions that got to the core of my beliefs. I had never experienced an interview process that unveiled the person I was beneath my work spirit.

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A Simple Approach to Differentiation: Your Company's Identity or Your Customer's

Posted by Samantha Mikos on June 13, 2017

At Junto, our Mentor Team Meetings have a way of unraveling the hard questions in business. These questions push our cohort companies into thinking about, or actually having, the hard conversations they may have been avoiding or didn’t know were important.

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The Magic of a Single Moment of Self-Awareness and Its Effect on Leadership

Posted by Samantha Mikos on April 30, 2017

Leaders take many shapes of character. There are the strong and bold, the brave and courageous, and even sometimes there is a quiet, guiding leader. Every leader is unique. Each one has a different background, motives and ideals. And while I have experience in multiple leadership roles, the one question I continue to ask myself is this: what does it take to be a good leader?

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I Am Not Alone and Neither Are You

Posted by Samantha Mikos on March 28, 2017

My first 30 days at The Junto Institute have been a pleasant whirlwind full of self-awareness, professional development, and new friends. Through all of this, there has been one common theme that I have taken notice of: people are facing many obstacles in their businesses, but almost always, someone has been in their shoes before.

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