Hiring and Firing: Lessons Learned and Helpful Reminders for Growing Companies

Posted by Maddy Kaplan on June 20, 2017

The first JuntoClass of each cohort is called Hiring, Managing & Firing. This is intentional because the focus of our Apprenticeship program is on leadership, people, and culture, and this class is the ideal starting point. By setting this tone, the companies in the program are then comfortable bringing up the topic in their Mentor Team sessions, Tutoring Roundtables, and Forum sessions (not to mention that it comes up organically in other classes).

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A Simple Approach to Differentiation: Your Company's Identity or Your Customer's

Posted by Samantha Mikos on June 13, 2017

At Junto, our Mentor Team Meetings have a way of unraveling the hard questions in business. These questions push our cohort companies into thinking about, or actually having, the hard conversations they may have been avoiding or didn’t know were important.

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Leaders Have a Choice to Be Emotionally Intelligent

Posted by Raman Chadha on May 17, 2017

Rich Lyons, co-founder and CEO of LyonsCG, a global commerce services provider with 350 employees worldwide, recently taught Leadership & Self-Management, one of the emotional intelligence training classes that are a part of Junto's leadership development program for growth-stage companies in Chicago. Rich is a longtime JuntoMentor, and has been studying and practicing emotional intelligence for over 15 years, during the time he and his partners have built LyonsCG. 

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Six Lessons Learned about Compensation Plans, Bonuses and Profit Sharing

Posted by Catherine Jelinek on May 3, 2017

Recently one of our Apprentice companies asked their Mentors a question on compensation structure, specifically comparing the benefits and challenges of bonuses versus profit sharing. This question was asked in a Mentor Team Meeting, which we run like an advisory board, and is attended by the Mentors matched with the company based on their needs upon enrolling in the program.

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The Magic of a Single Moment of Self-Awareness and Its Effect on Leadership

Posted by Samantha Mikos on April 30, 2017

Leaders take many shapes of character. There are the strong and bold, the brave and courageous, and even sometimes there is a quiet, guiding leader. Every leader is unique. Each one has a different background, motives and ideals. And while I have experience in multiple leadership roles, the one question I continue to ask myself is this: what does it take to be a good leader?

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The $5 Million Question: When Does a Growing Company Need to Hire a New CEO or COO?

Posted by Raman Chadha on April 28, 2017

Last week, I discovered an important pattern for us at Junto: companies that passed the $5 million revenue mark had a need for an experienced CEO or COO to help run the company.

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Junto Is Expanding to Los Angeles

Posted by Raman Chadha on April 6, 2017

Our growth plan for The Junto Institute has always included regional expansion upon proving our model in Chicago. So today, with four cohorts under our belt and a fifth underway, encouraging customer feedback, and 20 graduate companies whose revenues are growing 90% on average per year since enrollment, I'm pleased to announce that we're expanding to Los Angeles this fall.

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How People Grow Together at Junto

Posted by Kaitlynn Ryan on March 29, 2017

When I joined the JuntoTeam, I knew I was in for a unique experience but had no idea how unique it would be. Days after graduating from college, I found myself sitting in a Chicago office with a new team that instantly became my friends. After one week of warm welcomes and a self-guided onboarding process, I knew something about this company was different, but I couldn’t quite place my finger on it.

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I Am Not Alone and Neither Are You

Posted by Samantha Mikos on March 28, 2017

My first 30 days at The Junto Institute have been a pleasant whirlwind full of self-awareness, professional development, and new friends. Through all of this, there has been one common theme that I have taken notice of: people are facing many obstacles in their businesses, but almost always, someone has been in their shoes before.

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Experiences, Habits, Family, Learning, Team, Leaders and Emotions: Thoughts and Soundbites from the JuntoIV CEOs [VIDEO]

Posted by The Junto Institute on February 2, 2017

We're pleased to share the video from JuntoNight 2016, the graduation event for the JuntoIV cohort. In the video, thoughts and soundbites from the CEOs of the six companies - Arrow Payments, Cristaux, Link Capital, Red Caffeine, ReviewTrackers, and Schlep - are featured along with opening remarks from alumni who moderated the panel discussion.

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