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Posted by Caroline Rafferty on January 11, 2016

As we move forward into 2016, we take a moment to look back at our top blog posts written in 2015. From the JuntoAlumni's accomplishments, to the graduation of JuntoIII, to tips on how startups can get smarter and healthier, we've captured it all on our blog. Relive the best moments of 2015 with our top 10 posts of the year:

How to Run Great Board Meetings

Part one of our three-part series focuses on the steps we complete prior to the meeting. This includes scheduling a prep call, addressing logistical matters, and bringing hard copies of the agenda and dashboard to the meeting.

Spikeball strikes a deal On Shark Tank

Not only did Spikeball (JuntoII) appear on this year's season finale, they were the last company to pitch on the show. Chris Ruder, Spikeball's co-founder and CEO, led his team into the Shark Tank as poised as can be, and ended up in the national spotlight. 


Th Millennial generation is known as one with lofty, unrealistic goals and expectations, and generally gets a bad rap for being entitled. The Millennials that go through Junto, especially those engaged in emotional intelligence training through the Leadership Forums, are certainly not a generational “control group” by any means.

Three Junto Companies named to inc. 5000

The Inc. 5000 list is out and we're thrilled to announce that Spikeball (JuntoII) is ranked #139Music Dealers (JuntoI) is ranked #1305, and GetMaineLobster (JuntoII) is ranked #2473 on the 2015 list.

For startup founders, it's always lonely at the top

There's the passive approach to dealing with loneliness and being an entrepreneur and there's the active approach. The key is to find or build a peer group, not only of entrepreneurs who are experiencing the same things at the same time, but also those who have "been there, done that".


JuntoII CEO Forum


knowledgehound raises $1.2 million

KnowledgeHound, a JuntoIII company and the "Google" of market research, has secured $1.17 million in seed funding. As this was the company's first round of outside funding, Kristi Zuhlke, CEO of KnowledgeHound, shares her lessons learned from the experience.

as a leader, communicating is job one

Being an effective communicator is essential to the leadership of a growing business. Getting to the company’s core message, and expressing that in a clear and consistent way to stakeholders, can be simple yet is rarely easy.


Since their appearance on the season 6 finale of Shark Tank, Spikeball has seen sales increase exponentially and their team grow even closer. We had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Ruder and Scott Palmer of JuntoII company, Spikeball.


“Art & Science” is important to the operating of an organization because it allows flexibility for a person to bring their individuality to daily tasks while being mindful of the purpose of the task. At Nick’s Pizza & Pub, every single daily task is broken down by digging as deep as possible within the “Art & Science” format.


Over 200 people joined us to celebrate the graduation of the JuntoIII companies: Earlybird, KnowledgeHound, Medtelligent, and TopstepTrader. They successfully completed our nine-month Apprenticeship Program and the revenues of JuntoIII companies, on average, grew by 157% in 2015.

JuntoIII Apprentices


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