JuntoAlumni Win Awards

Posted by Samantha Mikos on June 7, 2018

Congratulations to our JuntoAlumni companies that have recently won a myriad of awards: Tiesta Tea (J1), Solid Digital (J2), TopstepTrader (J3), Cristaux (J4), Red Caffeine (J4), and Acliviti (J5). 

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The (Employee) Benefit of Better Leaders And Better Managers

Posted by Raman Chadha on April 26, 2018

I was inspired to write this post after reading an article yesterday by Gallup called "The No. 1 Employee Benefit That No One's Talking About." Here's an excerpt that summarizes the piece:

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Topics: Leadership, Management, Emotional intelligence

More Validation that Learning Emotional Intelligence as a Team Makes It Better

Posted by Raman Chadha on April 11, 2018

On Monday morning, Taylor McPartland, our Managing Director in Los Angeles, received the following email from one of the Apprentices in our JuntoLA program.

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Topics: Emotional intelligence, Leadership

Introducing the Newest Junto Companies in Chicago and Los Angeles

Posted by Raman Chadha on February 27, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that, in the past two weeks, seven new growth-stage companies have begun their Apprenticeship program at The Junto Institute.

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A New Version of Junto's Program

Posted by Raman Chadha on February 5, 2018

Ten days ago, I sent the following email to our community.

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Virtuous Leaders, Virtuous Companies

Posted by Raman Chadha on December 5, 2017

Our latest cohort of growth-stage companies recently graduated from our Apprenticeship program, a nine-month experience during which they improved their leadership skills, emotional intelligence, decision-making, and team alignment. They did that by attending a variety of individual and team sessions over nine months:

  • Leadership Forums
  • Leadership & Functional Classes
  • Mentor Meetings, and
  • Tutoring Roundtables.
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JuntoNight 2017: The Company Asks

Posted by Samantha Mikos on November 9, 2017

One of the traditions of JuntoNight is that each graduate company has the opportunity to make an "Ask": a specific request of the guests in attendance at the event.

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JuntoNight 2017 in Photos

Posted by Samantha Mikos on November 9, 2017

Last Wednesday evening we hosted our annual JuntoNight. This is a celebration in honor of our JuntoV Apprenticeship companies who have graduated the program as well as the Mentors that shaped their learning.

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What I've Learned About Company Culture

Posted by Raman Chadha on September 14, 2017

Imagine you're invited to someone's home for an evening. You're a special guest, meet everyone in the family (whether two or ten), get a personal tour of the home, have a pleasant dinner with everyone at the table, retreat to the family room for lively conversation, and leave after 4-5 hours.

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Topics: Leadership

How to Lower the Risk of Hiring New (Sales) People

Posted by Samantha Mikos on September 13, 2017

When I interviewed for my role at The Junto Institute, the process was lengthy and unique to me. I had face-to-face interviews by video and in-person, assignments to complete, and questions that got to the core of my beliefs. I had never experienced an interview process that unveiled the person I was beneath my work spirit.

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