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Hiring and Firing: Lessons Learned and Helpful Reminders for Growing Companies

Posted by Maddy Kaplan on June 20, 2017

The first JuntoClass of each cohort is called Hiring, Managing & Firing. This is intentional because the focus of our Apprenticeship program is on leadership, people, and culture, and this class is the ideal starting point. By setting this tone, the companies in the program are then comfortable bringing up the topic in their Mentor Team sessions, Tutoring Roundtables, and Forum sessions (not to mention that it comes up organically in other classes).

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How We Incorporate Love Into Our Weekly Huddles

Posted by Maddy Kaplan on November 29, 2016

The JuntoTeam’s weekly huddles aren’t just quick meetings to update each other on our work, they are a safe space for us to be who we are and share anything that is on our minds. We express love for the business, love for the self, and love for each other.

Our team huddles take place every Monday morning at 9:30am. 
The agenda and flow is as follows:

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JuntoNight 2016 in Photos

Posted by Maddy Kaplan on October 23, 2016

JuntoNight is when we celebrate the latest graduates of The Junto Institute's Apprenticeship experience and the dozens of Mentors, Instructors, and Partners who contribute to the Apprentices' learning and growth.

Last Tuesday, the six companies of JuntoIV were honored by a packed house at 1871 in Chicago. It was evening full of energy and emotion, featuring the companies' CEOs sharing their overall Junto experience, new skills and capabilities, and individual moments of truth.

Here are select photos from the event.

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3 Things I Learned From Interviewing 27 Mentors

Posted by Maddy Kaplan on August 29, 2016

This summer I completed a project for which I interviewed 27 of the JuntoMentors. The purpose was to understand why they decided to become - or continue being - a Mentor in our Chicago program, and in what ways have they benefitted from the experience. It can be challenging to find startup advisors who are not only experienced but skilled as mentors; we're fortunate to have so many involved with Junto.

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Why We Take Notes in Junto Sessions

Posted by Maddy Kaplan on July 26, 2016

Note-taking is an important staple at Junto, something that is done in virtually every session of our Apprenticeship program: classes, tutoring, and mentor meetings (the only exception is the forum). They’re laid out in an outline format that reads like a transcription of the conversation, then edited and distributed within 24 hours of the meeting’s close. The notes are kept confidential and not shared with anyone outside of the session’s attendees, which includes Apprentices, Mentors, Instructors, and/or Tutoring Partners.

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What I've Learned about Culture & How I've Grown in My First 100 Days at Junto

Posted by Maddy Kaplan on May 25, 2016

Company culture is becoming more relevant everyday in job searches. Candidates are more likely to accept a position based on the culture of the company, so in a competitive job market, it’s important to differentiate your company and live up to its standards. I didn't know this was important to look for, and had I known, I would have approached my job search differently.

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How I Learned About the Importance of Passion When Building a Business

Posted by Maddy Kaplan on March 18, 2016

I am fortunate enough to have had a front row seat to see the amount of dedication it takes to make an entrepreneur great. This includes staying up all hours of the night, waking up before the sun rises, fighting for what you believe is right no matter the pushback, and the heartbreak that comes and goes from the business cycling. 

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