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The Right Way to Give a Heart-to-Heart Hug

Posted by Raman Chadha on October 12, 2016

Never could I have imagined that I would:

  1. appreciate how to give the right kind of hug

  2. actually do it

  3. tell others about it 

  4. insist that they do it

  5. write a blog post about it.

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Nine Leadership Lessons from Three CEOs

Posted by Raman Chadha on September 12, 2016

Last Friday we held the latest JuntoDay learning event, a mini-conference on leadership for growth-stage companies, featuring three accomplished CEOs:

  • Chris Considine - President of Onward Advising and Former CEO of Wilson Sporting Goods
  • Tom Gimbel - Founder/CEO of LaSalle Network
  • Adam Robinson - Co-founder/CEO of Hireology

All three shared the leadership philosophies, experiences, and practices that helped shape them as effective leaders who have built profitable companies recognized for workplace excellence. The following are three key lessons from each presenter's talk.

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How The Junto Institute Got Its Name

Posted by Raman Chadha on August 26, 2016

In 1727, a young man in colonial Philadelphia formed a group of 12 artisans and tradesmen for the purpose of mutual improvement and philosophical debate. They were the entrepreneurs of the day: cobblers, lithographers, blacksmiths, etc. 

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The Genesis of The Junto Institute: The Idea, The People, and The Outcome

Posted by Raman Chadha on August 11, 2016

In the early 2000s, I was meeting regularly with a friend, David Gamperl, about the idea of starting an incubator. We never got past the early planning stages, and it went dormant for the rest of the decade. In late 2010, we resuscitated the idea based on several trends and developments in the startup ecosystem that emerged post-recession.

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Manage People With Standards Not Expectations

Posted by Raman Chadha on July 25, 2016

One of the first classes in the initial cohort of The Junto Institute's Apprenticeship program changed the way I will forever think about managing performance and leading people.

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The Junto Emotion Wheel: Why and How We Use It

Posted by Raman Chadha on July 20, 2016

One of the pillars of the Junto program is emotional intelligence. It is a focal point of the JuntoForum, the subject of four JuntoClasses, and a topic of conversation at happy hours, in one-on-one meetings, and among the companies' employees.

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Why Emotional Intelligence Matters to Leadership

Posted by Raman Chadha on June 16, 2016

One question we often get is how and why emotional intelligence (EI) training is part of the Junto program. Before getting to the answer, let's cover a couple definitions.

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How and Why Investors Benefit from Junto

Posted by Raman Chadha on June 7, 2016

I started working on the idea that became The Junto Institute in 2011. Later that year, my friend Jeff Carter, a co-founder of Hyde Park Angels in Chicago, became involved in an advisory capacity. He brought an interesting and unique perspective, having deep experience as an angel investor.

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Improving Cash Flows: Fundamentals that All Growth-Stage Startups Know but that Few Execute

Posted by Raman Chadha on May 12, 2016

We recently had Rob McLennan, CFO of ParkWhiz, lead our class on Cash Flow Management for the JuntoIV cohort. ParkWhiz is a fast-growing Chicago startup where Rob has closely managed tens of millions in dollars in funding and revenues.

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A Peek Inside Junto: What Happens During the First 100 Days

Posted by Raman Chadha on April 27, 2016

Our first cohort of five companies in 2013 was an experiment.

Like most new ventures, we had a bunch of hypotheses, tested them, and learned what worked and what didn't. We believed we knew what we were doing but didn't know what to expect. Fortunately, we built feedback loops into the program so that we could adapt and refine our "product" for the next batch of five companies that made up JuntoII in 2014. 

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